About Us

About Us

Corporate Structure

KISS Compliance Network, Inc.
dba Compliance Plus Network
President – Gary Finch
Sec. Treasure – Paulette Finch
Established in 1992

Historical Narrative

Gary and Paulette Finch founded Compliance Plus in 1992. This came about when Gary was asked by his brother, Don Finch, to develop an OSHA compliance program for his two funeral homes. Gary attended a University of Texas Heath and Science Center symposium on the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard in order to prepare himself on this assignment.

Following this seminar, Gary reported that this was a lot of work to do for two small funeral homes. His brother suggested Gary call some of the area firms and see if they also wanted help and if they would share in the development cost. They did, and the rest is history.

Gary worked on the program for six months. He developed a program that would fit any funeral home platform, and spent the next three years marketing this program to other independent funeral homes in Texas. After that, the company became regional as funeral homes in surrounding states were added to the network.

The company continued to grow. Gary recruited Tom Maupin of Missouri. Tom became our Midwest Representative. Still later, Gary and Tom recruited Dave Bednar of Pennsylvania. Dave became our Northeast Representative.

Today, Compliance Plus boast member funeral homes throughout the country. We have installed programs to funeral homes on the Intercoastal Canal in Florida, and within a few blocks of the Golden Gate Bridge in California. We are in Main Street funeral homes and we are in Maine, the state. We have several firms within blocks of the Rio Grande River, our border to Mexico. We are in Maui, Hawaii.

Since 1997, Gary Finch and Compliance Plus have served as the Safety Consultant of Record for the Order of the Golden Rule organization. Gary is a regular contributor to The Independent, the OGR magazine. Gary also writes for the YB News and other publications. And Gary, Tom, and Dave are all active at speaking to regional and state associations.

Along the way, Compliance Plus was first in the funeral home compliance field to offer the following:

  1. Network compliance – where all funeral home members use the same written program that is customized to meet their individual needs.
  2. Common sense compliance – Gary Finch writes safety policy in a manner that is easy for funeral directors and embalmers to understand.
  3. Video training for hiring new employees and conducting original training and another for training the safety program administrator.
  4. MS Power Point presentations that make it easy for local safety administrators to conduct the required annual renewal training for employees.
  5. Unlimited consultation with our members on any safety or compliance issue.
  6. Total maintenance of your safety program so it never becomes obsolete.
  7. The addition of new plans or chapters for your safety manual when OSHA promulgates a new standard, as part of our standard maintenance.

During our growth years, Compliance Plus changed our operating structure from a proprietorship to a closed corporation. The Compliance Plus name was being used by someone in a different industry. Thus, we incorporated as KISS Compliance Network. This name reflects our “Keep it Simple Stupid” concept for writing safety programs. However, we still do business under the name Compliance Plus.