Compliance Plus offers two programs.

  1. Network Safety and OSHA Compliance Program for funeral homes
  2. Companion Program for companion businesses

Network Safety and OSHA Compliance Program for funeral homes

This is the network safety and OSHA compliance program designed by Gary Finch, a license funeral director and embalmer. Today, over 700 funeral homes are using our program.


  1. Our safety policies are based on common sense. Employees like and understand them.
  2. Under our network concept, all funeral homes use the same written programs. You save money, and you get services you cannot get with individual safety programs.
  3. Our track record is in a class by itself. In over 30 OSHA inspections, no funeral home using and following our written program has ever paid a fine to OSHA. In 2002, one of our clients received proposed fines of $10,000. We met with OSHA along with our client and a labor attorney. Two hours later, that client walked out with zero fines. On another occasion, Gary Finch was called to represent a funeral director that OSHA was attempting to fine over $80,000 (the largest ever proposed in our industry). He was not a customer at the time he was inspected. He is today, after Gary argued them down to a $20,000 fine, with no interest and installment payments.

This is what members get when they join our network.

  1. The Company Safety Plan manual, containing written programs for Employee Rights, Emergency Egress, Task Safety (ladders, lifting, and jump starting batteries), Formaldehyde Safety, Hazard Communications Safety, Bloodborne Pathogen Safety, and Sharps Safety.
  2. An MSDS file with a list of chemicals found in every preparation room.
  3. A Recordkeeping system with files for Annual Training, Continuous Safety Training, Exposure Reports, Medical, Newsletters, Safety Forms, Training Certificates, and Waste Disposal. We also provide our forms on a floppy disc, prepared on MS Word. This package also contains safety labels and tags.
  4. Three video training programs. Two are for employee training, and the third is for training the safety administrator. You can choose between a VHS and DVD format. Training new employees is easy.
  5. The ALERT newsletter, including training supplements, mailed to you each quarter.
  6. Annual renewal training is prepared for you each year. This is a color presentation on paper slides. There is an instructor’s version and there are employee versions. Annual training was never easier.
  7. Consultation with full time safety consultants, as often as you want.
  8. Program maintenance, so your written programs never become obsolete. If new programs are required, we write them and send them to you. This is all part of our standard maintenance service.

If you want to order or want more facts on our safety program, call Gary at 800-950-1101 or use the Contact Us page to get in touch with us.

Companion Program for companion businesses

What is a companion program?

Initially, a companion program included satellite or branch funeral homes. We do not recommend a companion program unless the branch firm embalms or makes invasive procedures (aspirating). When the branch is engaged in invasive procedures, we will recommend our manuals, however, the recordkeeping and training can be done at the primary workplace.

As we grew, we began to get request for companion operations, such as flower shops and cemeteries. We do not recommend a companion program for a crematory that is located at the funeral home or cemetery. The primary program is sufficient to cover that.

Today, we have installed safety programs at vault companies and marble companies as well. Basically, if you have a companion business, we can prepare a program for it, and the fee for this is about half of a primary program.

As a separate service, we have contracted with municipalities and oil service companies for safety program. These were located near us and we did it as a service to them, but we still consider funeral home compliance as our specialty.

If you want to order or want more facts on our companion program, call Gary at 800-950-1101 or use the Contact Us page to get in touch with us.