Compliance Plus is pleased to provide new training programs that can be customized to your needs!

First we have the “Industrial Training Series” – 80 mix and match training programs
Second we have the “Plug and Play Safety Training Series” – 10 play on you computer PowerPoint presentations
And Third, we have the “Annual Renewal Training Series” – Refresher training to keep your skills and knowledge current.

Naturally, we have the “Get It All” special that delivers these programs at a price that cannot be beat!
Perhaps you would like to “Get It Free?” All of the above is free to members of the Compliance Plus Network.


Industrial Training Series

Download and print any or all of our Industrial Training Programs. Most of these programs are between 7 and 17 pages including review questions. Additional programs are being added each month.


  • Singles download – Choose any of the industrial training programs for $35 each.
  • 10 Pack download – Choose any 10 for $249. A savings of $101!
  • 20 Pack download – Choose any 20 for $399. A savings of $301!
  • 80 Pack CD – Receive all of the programs on a CD for $449. A savings of $2,351!

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Plug and Play Safety Training
Modern OSHA Compliance Series for Funeral Homes Employees

Our Modern Compliance Series features safety training on a narrated CD. Employees can train in a group or individually. Sign off documents formatted on MS-Word are included on the CD. The CD contains all necessary software for viewing the presentations and runs on Mac and Personal Computers with Windows 98SE or higher.

The narrated CD is the most convenient format for conducting safety training. Never again will safety training interfere with funerals. You will never again have to call an employee in on their day off to attend the training. You never have to worry about make-up training for employees who were ill or on vacation. Employees working at branch locations don’t have to drive for the training. Just take the CD to their location to train.

Safety officers follow up the CD training and document employee participation.

Initial Training Series CD (five narrated PowerPoint presentations)

  1. Employee Rights
  2. Hazard Communications
  3. Bloodborne Pathogen Safety
  4. Sharp Instrument Safety
  5. Formaldehyde Safety

Safety Officer Training Series CD (five narrated PowerPoint presentation)

  1. Safety Program Administration
  2. OSHA Inspections
  3. Industrial Compliance
  4. Facility Compliance
  5. Waste Disposal Options

Choose either series for $195. Get both series for $295. A savings of $95!

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Annual Renewal Training Series CD

This narrated PowerPoint presentation covers the required Employee Annual renewal training on bloodborne pathogens, safe sharps, and formaldehyde. Sign off forms formatted on MS-Word are included on the CD.

Choice of renewal year materials:

  1. 2006 version – $99
  2. 2007 version – $99

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Get It All

Get all of the above programs for an even greater savings.

  • 80 program Industrial Safety Training CD
  • 10 Plug and Play Modern OSHA Compliance Series presentations
  • 1  Annual Renewal Training

Get It All for the special bundle price of $749.00

Ordered separately, all of this would cost $3,289. Even ordering the above bundles would cost $843. This package saves you real money and real time!

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Better Yet, Get It Free

That’s right, all 80 training courses and all the CD’s are free to members of the Compliance Plus network.
Membership includes:

  • Company Safety Plan – written programs on hazard communications, bloodborne pathogens, safe sharps, formaldehyde, respiratory safety, and emergency action.
  • MSDS manual with A-Z index and chemical list.
  • Alert newsletter and Alert Extra newsletter
  • Unlimited industrial training downloads
  • Annual training on narrated CD each year
  • Initial Training CD and all updates
  • Unlimited consultation
  • Representation if you are inspected or investigated by OSHA
  • Maintenance of all written programs and preparation on new written programs
  • Pre-labeled folders and recordkeeping system with all required documents
  • Labels and tags for preparation room

Membership in the Compliance Plus Network begins at $2,175. Once you are a member, renewal rates are $300 per year. For more information on the Compliance Plus funeral home safety program, fill out our Complementary Issue Request and we will send you a complimentary newsletter, a membership brochure, and a CD that tells you more about our program.