Safety Alerts

Safety Alerts

Compliance Plus issues various alerts that are of interest to our members. Some of these alerts originate from the CDC, others are from OSHA, and still others are from the experiences of our members. Just click on the title of the alert you wish to view.

Mucormycosis – (flesh eating fungus)

On March 15, 2005, one of our clients called to see if we had any advice on handling a case of flesh eating fungus. This was the first case the hospital and coroner had seen, and they were advised that the fungus was airborne. The coroner’s office offered to furnish the funeral home with special […]

OSHA Sets Record on Funeral Home Fine

OSHA put to rest a two year old case on Tate Funeral Home in Toledo, Ohio. The initial inspection was conducted on October 31, 2002. The case was not closed until September 24, 2004. OSHA proposed fines of $98,500. The case was finally settled with the funeral home agreeing to pay $68,950. Both figures, the […]