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Ticketing a Safety Consultant

By Gary Finch Many of you that deal with safety consultants recognize that we approach some areas with a different perspective. We often advise our clients to never admit guilt to an inspector, even if it seems clear you are guilty. We prefer you let lawyers and safety consultants review the facts first. Nowhere is […]

On Momma, Me, and the Riffraff

By Gary Finch Momma was one of those saintly people that lived by the axiom; “If you can’t say something good about someone, then just don’t say anything at all.” Mom, if you are about to read this, please stop now. I have no problems with discount funeral homes per se. There is a market […]

2005 Forecast of OSHA Funeral Home Inspections

By Gary Finch OSHA gives each state an option. They can operate their own independent Safety and Health Program, providing the safeguards it poses are equal to or exceed federal OSHA standards and enforcement. If they choose not to do this, then the federal government will have OSHA implement the federal program. The following states […]

California Pathologists Balk on Performing CJD Autopsies

By Gary Finch A recent study that focused in part on the reluctance of pathologists to perform autopsies on CJD cases was conducted by the California Emerging Infections Program. The results, or specifically, the objections of pathologists, should interest embalmers. First, some background. CJD surveillance reports rely on autopsies and neuro-pathologic evaluation. The 1990–2000 CJD […]

Has OSHA Forgotten Embalmers?

By Gary Finch OSHA inspectors are divided into two major divisions, industrial and health care. In most cases, funeral homes draw inspectors from the healthcare division. It makes sense on the surface because embalmers are exposed to bloodborne pathogens and work with many of the instruments that are used in the operating room. The problem […]

The Facts on Video Training

By Gary Finch Video training is not designed to substitute for the required annual renewal training for employees. This is why each year we develop a Microsoft Power Point Presentation that the funeral home safety officers use to train employees. We also can come to your location to provide this, but the majority of our […]